Claudius Peters Technologies S.A. is one of the main branch of LANGLEY HOLDINGS GmbH, which belongs to LANGLEY HOLDINGS Plc.

Claudius Peters Technologies S.A. is the world-wide center of competence for "PHB Someral" products:

  • stockyard systems including longitudinal and circular stores with or without blending facilities.

For "PHB Someral" products, Claudius Peters Technologies S.A. is in charge of their technological and commercial development and their distribution over the five continents.

Claudius Peters Technologies S.A. has the full engineering responsability within France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Greece and African countries for "Claudius Peters" product range.

Furthermore, operational synergy with the other members of LANGLEY HOLDINGS GmbH, comprising network of over 7 companies that provide products and services in Europe, Asia, Africa and the America, gives LANGLEY HOLDINGS GmbH the opportunity to remain in close contact with her clients, wherever they are in the world.

As a result, the company's professional design and project management team has been able to apply its engineering and technical expertise in supplying PHB Someral installations to customers in over 56 countries.