in 1991 by owners with long time experience in automation of production in buildings material industry


of automation, measurement and regulation, control systems and their realisation

Complex delivery

of automation systems for production and technology (low voltage cabinets, field instrumentation, sensors, actuators, control systems from design up to start up


in the range of production of buildings materials, mineral and sand plants, quarries, food industry (brewery, mineral water and chocolate plants), grain storage, water cleaner stations, ecology (emission control), control of energy consumption

AUTEC produces and develops:

- Full automatic analysers for quality control of raw materials and final products in cement plants including sampling and pneumatic sample transport. Analysers designed for On-line operation in production line or incorporation to full automated laboratory
- Temperature scanners for monitoring of the kilns in cement plant


Successful applications in more than 20 countries in the world (Brazil, France, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Mexico, Indonesia, Irish Republic, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Taiwan, etc.)


Long-term with company Siemens as "Siemens Partner" and company Pfaff

System integrator

of firms Wonderware and ORSI - suppliers of Scada products for industry automation

Quality certification ISO 9001